Hey there…


Lots of BLOGGERS do a Project 365 (usually photography) to kick off blogging for the New Year. I have decided ~hand in hand with my other BLOG FOUNDOBJECTBEACHART.WORDPRESS.COM~ MAKE SOMETHING EVERY DAY ~ to share a record a day for 2012 with you all!

I wanted to have more music in our lives this year. Living on a remote ish pacific coastal island in Canada, we basically live isolated from any music. My husband got me a fab record player and speaker unit (ipod friendly) and I have cleaned, categorized and filed a huge collection that I hope to share one a day of, every day this year.

There will be GIVEAWAYS, polls, photos of all ablums, photos of random creative music stuff, commentary, links to articles, youtube videos, quotes from artists, hopefully audio tracks embedded when I figure it out and if you know me ~ you’ll know that my theme ambiance will change monthly according to my mood..lol. You might even accompany me to thrift stores & Craigslist pick ups!

Most importantly, I’d love to hear from you! Your reactions, your fav albums, your input & suggestions to make my BLOG more creative and interactive. I’m pretty new to tech stuff so your feedback will be helpful.

WHAT WILL I DO WITH ALL THESE RECORDS? well… giveaways, I’ll make a stack for the WORST EVER albums to rethrift, make some into jewelry in my studio or mail them out to you! And the BEST EVER will be kept in my collection for keeps.

WANT TO MAIL ME AN ALBUM OR COLLECTION? I’m guessing, i’ll be short a few dozen or so by the end of the year ~so if you have some albums collecting dust and would like to see your face or name or albums on here… please leave me a comment and I’ll email you my PO box #. xo.


~love Fireygoddess


3 responses »

  1. spurandprod says:

    Looking forward to seeing what tunes show up.

  2. Lindsay says:

    That’s an impressive project. Even just a song a day for a whole year sounds daunting. I’m looking forward to your posts. Good luck with the rest of the year!

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