My darling record blog followers ~ I’ve been even too busy to get on here and apologize for not getting on here ~ let alone actually post some stuff! We have hardly been listening to records, if I am honest with you all. After the move, we have both been working full time and entertaining evenings and weekends with home renovations. My other blog has been quiet for quite some time as well. Which leads me to this very personal and vulnerable question (that i am hoping you will comment in on..) should I continue? I’ve already missed a month of postings. The idea of backdating 30 records is overwhelming.

I’m not a quitter and the fear of failure os something I dread. help!? Looking at the stats page ~ there are approx 14 views a day.. but not comments. There’s 87 followers so someone must enjoy what I’m doing? oh I just don’t know. 

That said some options ~ end on a high note? My farewell post could be my new WHAM Wake me Up Before You Go Go album, that I scored at the local Habitat for Humanity store (for 25 cents). Then i could spend a week posting all the TOP lists that I was collecting over the year and say “farewell”. I need some input here folks. These are artistically desperate times. And I love you all. 

please give me your feedback

xo Firey

About fireygoddess

Fireygoddess is an Island Princess / mermaid ~ living on Vancouver Island in Beautiful British Columbia Canada. She loves cropping photos, her main squeeze / the scuba dude, throwing laundry down the stairs, upcycling, shiny things, sparkles, fluevog shoes and making art from found objects at the beach.

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  1. Please continue writing your blog! There are times when bloggers haven’t time to blog. That’s only how life is. But if you believe in your blog it’s the long time work (over years) that counts, not the small breaks in between. So get back on your blogging horse, hold on and keep those blog posts coming! Love to see more classical and opera vinyl blog posts! 🙂

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