Wow. Ladies just try to keep your panties on for this double feature on the Tom Jones. Did you know he did country? Don’t you just want to get a hold of that belt buckle and do naughty things with him? Naughty country things? I don’t really but… holy. We bring you more love from the swauve gents in the 80s today. It’s been a week of ’em.

Tom Jones Country was put out in 1982. This video had nothing to do with this album but I found it  & can’t undo having seen it. lol. It’s Tom doing June Carter-Cash’s RING OF FIRE! 

The second album was just tucked into this one is Tom Jones RESCUE ME.

This had almost a rythm and blues way about it. Some funk was present but not good enough ~and like it’s album jacket brother of today- both are rethrifts. Not to worry, record blog friends ~ there is a handful more of Tom to come this project 365 year.. more than a handful below the belt buckle. yeeeeeee ha. This record came out in 1979.

From this album the only good song: 


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