AH, at long last ~here I bring you the TOP 30 records of my Daily Dose of Vinyl 365 Project!

How excited are you? Probably you were more two weeks ago when I should have had it published.

Don’t judge me, i’m 7.5 months pregnant. smerk* 

Your TOP #30 list starting at #30 

30. What’s love Got to Do With it? 1984 ~ Tina Turner on 45′

29. Wake Me Up Before You Go Go 80s ~ Wham

28. The Barber of Seville ~ 1825 ? Victoria de los Angeles

27. Eminiscence ~ jazz compilation

26. Sacred Country and Western Songs ~ Texas Jim Robertson

25. Jazz Concert George Shearing Quintet

24. Graham Nash & David Crosby 1972 ~ same name live album.

23. From the Heart of a Woman ~Koko Taylor

22. Sunday Morning Coming Down ~ Johnny Cash (again all of my Cash could take up the top 30)

21. The Nat King Cole Song Book ~Sammy Davis

20. Melanie at Carnegie Hall 1973 ~ Melanie Safka

19. Live in Las Vegas  1967 ~ Tom Jones

18. Paris after Hours ~ Vicky Autier vocals and piano

17. Story of a Broken Heart 1960 ~JOHNNY CASH

16. Deep In The Night ~ Etta James

15. The Famous 1938 Carnegie Hall Vol. 2 ~ Benny Goodman

14. Diana Ross and the Supremes Greatest Hits 60’s ~ the Supremes

13. Johnny Cash 1958 ~ Johnny Cash

12. KC and the Sunshine Band ~1975 ~ same name.

11. Chances ~ Jill Barber (our wedding song)

10. Rebel Yell 1983 ~Billy Idol

9. She’s So Unusual 1983 ~ Cyndi Lauper

8. Sit Down Young Stranger 1970 ~Gordon Lightfoot (seriously ALL of my Lightfoot collection)

7. Ten Years Greatest Hits ~ Peter, Paul and Mary

6. Someday My Prince Will Come ~ Miles Davis

5. Silk and Soul ~Nina Simone

4. Stand Up And Be Counted. Soul Funk & Jazz From a Revolutionairy Era Vol. 2~ James Brown, the Pink panthers, Michael Jackson

3. La Vie En Rose ~ the 45 from Paris~ Edith Piaf

2. Gord’s Gold ~1975 ~ Gordon Lightfoot

1. Colour By Numbers 1980s~ Culture Club


Thank you to everyone who supported, viewed and followed this project 365 ~ My Daily Dose of Vinyl.

I dropped the needle pretty much every day (ish) from January 1st 2012 to Januray 1st 2013!


please hang out with me over at my other creative BLOG and see what projects I am coming up with as I 

Make Something Every Day

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