Howdy record blog folks. I find myself with an hour at work this am free. Just enough time to catchup on almost a week’s worth of record blogging. Feedback from husband / follower is that 7 email notifications in one day is a bit of a turn off for followers so I’m going to play it differently this am and include all backlogged records in one posting. Enjoy! I found myself lovingly cleaning  the hi fi and dusting the speakers and getting the records ready for daily dosing. phew! We are moved in! And we have got a huge number of cool and not so cool records to plow through in the remaining 3 months of this Project 365. Here we go!


Terry Jacks. Seasons in the Sun. What better way to start the fall than with a Summer farewell song?

I was pleasantly surprised (while cleaning the hi fi machines and re-organizing my record stash) that the first few songs were funky enough for my hips to start moving. About song 5 I had to turn it down and quickly realized the title hit was the hit of this record. A folk, rethrift. He’s Canadian! I love a good Canadian. Jacks was born and raised in Winnipeg. The family relocated to Vancouver in the early 1960s and Jacks took up guitar in his teens and at 18 formed a band called The Chessmen with guitarist Guy Sobell. The group had four top-ten hits in Vancouver between 1964 and 1966. The couple recorded two more albums before Susan left the marriage in 1973: Susan’s solo album I Thought of You Again… and Terry’s solo album Seasons In The Sun. The song “Seasons in the Sun“, released in late 1973 on his own record label, Goldfish Records, became the largest-selling international single by a Canadian artist at that time and earned Jacks two Juno Awards.

 This is so fabulous. You can’t fake hair like this. 


Pat Boone – you know I really want to love you because of that jacket and because you are singing of my beloved homeland Canada but… non. An ethnical (baby, I know that’s not a real word), rethrift. That said – he wrote a ton of really classic songs that are still being remade today.

Here’s a recent video of Pat in support of the Chic Fil A restaurants that are the worst business ever. He seem pretty clueless. lol.  oh this is even better – he loses his toupee on live tv ~ 

 Charles Eugene “Pat” Boone (born June 1, 1934) is an American singer, actor and writer. He was a successful pop singer in the United States during the 1950s and early 1960s. Among his hit songs were cover versions of black R&B artists’ songs (when parts of the country were segregated). He sold over 45 million albums, had 38 Top 40 hits and appeared in more than 12 Hollywood movies.


Glen Campbell’s Greatest Hits. Try a little Kindness, I might. But non. Are there ANY good records in my collection this month? Rethift, I’m going to say country and hits, not folk and leave it at that for today.


Mario Lanza ~ You Do Something To Me. Well, I love the cover. Opera, at last a keeper. Great dinner music for steak night. lol. He died so young, so tragic.

from wiki: Mario Lanza (January 31, 1921 – October 7, 1959, aged 38) was an American tenor, singer, actor and Hollywood movie star of the late 1940s and the 1950s. The son of Italian emigrants, he began studying to be a professional singer at the age of 16. He was born Alfred Arnold Cocozza. In April 1959, Lanza suffered a minor heart attack, followed by double pneumonia in August. He died in Rome in October of that year at the age of 38 from a pulmonary embolism after undergoing a controversial weight loss program colloquially known as “the twilight sleep treatment,” which required its patients to be kept immobile and sedated for prolonged periods.




Nana Mouskouri  ~ British Concert.  This album goes straight into the TOP 20 cover album art category! I mean her music may not be my style but it’s classic and classy. And those librarian glasses and dresses really do it for me. Look at the spread of the double fold out album? This is a live British Concert worth keeping. More from Nana to come this year. 

Thanks for staying with me record blog followers and visitors! Happy Fall Love me. xo


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