We are gunna have a soul shakedown ~ with ~ Reggae for Lovers. Bob Marley and Ken Boothe. Both released in 1979…These albums would have been better suited to sumer times but heh~ it did snow here on Christmas (we live on an island in the rainforest of Vancouver Island, BC Canada ~where it snows maybe a couple days a year). These are two solid fun albums.

Ken Boothe was born in the Denham Town area of Kingston in 1948, the youngest of seven children, and began singing in school.[2] His recording career began in the late 1950s when he formed a duo with his neighbour Stranger Cole as “Stranger & Ken”, the first tracks released by them being “Hush Baby” on the B-side of Cole’s Island Records single “Last Love”, and the “Thick in Love” single on R&B Records, both in 1963.


An unusual fact about Boothe’s cover version is that he sings “Anything I Own”, rather than “Everything I Own” throughout, meaning that the title of the record is never sung. There have been other examples of this at Number One in the UK Singles Chart, such as “Bohemian Rhapsody“; “Unchained Melody“; “Annie’s Song“; “The Chicken Song“; and “Space Oddity“; but Boothe’s record is the only one on which the title should have been sung, but was not by mistake.[6]

Boothe only managed one more hit in the UK Chart during the 1970s, “Crying Over You”, which made Number 11, with Trojan Records’ collapse and a split with Charmers losing much of the momentum built up by his two hits.

In 1987, Boy George released a version of “Everything I Own” which charted or reached Number One in many countries.

Now the BOB album is a bit trickier to explain. This one was released in 1979 in Quebec, Canada. Online I could only find this extended version:


A1 Soul Shake Down Party
A2 Stop The Train
A3 Caution
A4 Soul Captives
A5 Go Tell It On The Mountain
B1 Can’t You See
B2 Soon Come
B3 Cheer Up
B4 Back Out
B5 Do It Twice
This album only has 7 tracks. And i love every one of them. Do you know anything about this album? I cant really find it. You know I love the Bob.



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