Oh here we have another case of saving my favourite albums for the last month of this project 365. Miles Davis ~Someday My Prince Will Come (thank you mother in law ~aka Mommsy Spins the Hits) and Tijuana Moods by Charles Mingus. The back of the Mingus he announces “this is the best record I’ve ever Made!” Really, these two records are amazing must haves in my minimal but hopefully growing jazz section. I’m al;so going to say that the Minus IS in our TOP 30 records of 2012.. which will be revieled News Years Day! Now to the records…

Someday My Prince Will Come is the seventh studio album by Miles Davis for Columbia Records, catalogue CL 1656 and CS 8456 in stereo, released in 1961. Recorded at Columbia’s 30th Street Studio in Manhattan, it marked the only Miles Davis Quintet studio recording session to feature saxophonistHank Mobley.    Unlike Kind of Blue, which featured nothing but group originals, this album paired equal numbers of Miles Davis tunes with pop standards, including the title song resurrected from the 1937 Disney film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. The titles to all three Davis originals refer to specific individuals: “Pfrancing” to his wife Frances, featured on the album cover; “Teo” to his producer Teo Macero; and “Drad Dog” to Columbia Records president Goddard Lieberson.[8] While the cover credits the Miles Davis Sextet, only the title track featured six players, Coltrane making two cameo appearances on the album, taking solos on the title track and “Teo,” the latter with Mobley laying out.[9] On March 21, ex-Davis drummer Philly Joe Jones made his final contribution to a Davis session, replacing Cobb for the original “Blues No. 2” which was not used on the album.On June 8, 1999, Legacy Records reissued the album for compact disc with two bonus tracks including the unused “Blues No. 2” and an alternate take of “Someday My Prince Will Come.”

Tijuana Moods is an album by Charles Mingus originally recorded in 1957 but not released until 1962. It was reissued in 1996 on CD as New Tijuana Moods with four alternate takes. 2-CD expanded versions with further alternate takes were issued by RCA in 2000 and by Columbia in 2010.It is notable that the name “Charlie Mingus” appears on the cover of the original album. Mingus hated all nicknames derived from Charles (“Don’t call me Charlie; that’s not a man’s name, that’s a name for a horse”[1]). All songs were composed by Mingus except “Flamingo”.


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