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Mark Lindsay’s Arizona. I just can’t get enough of a guy in a ribbed orange turtle kneck, can you? He looks so kind and harmless, non? This album was anything but  it was like a watered down John Denver wanna be session. (sorry John). A country, rethrift of suave gents, Let’s see if I can find anything on him?

wiki: Mark Lindsay (born March 9, 1942)[1] is an American musician, best known as the singer for the group Paul Revere & the Raiders.

By 1968, Lindsay had completely taken over the writing and producing tasks for the group. Paul Revere & the Raiders had a revolving cast of band members, with only Revere and Mark Lindsay remaining in the group since its inception. Where the Action Is had passed into television history. Dick Clark had created another show, Happening 68, which was to be hosted by Paul Revere and Mark Lindsay and feature the group. The group itself was featured prominently in this show, whereas in Where the Action is, the entire group was part of an ensemble of other musical performers. Happening ’68premiered in January 1968. The show was so popular that the group also hosted a daily version over the summer of 1968, called It’s HappeningHappening ’68 survived into 1969, at which point the name of the show became Happening. The show was canceled in October 1969.  By this time, like many other groups, Mark Lindsay and his bandmates were trying to maintain their success, but were also exploring other opportunities. Lindsay began to record solo records and to produce records for his bandmate, Freddy Weller, who went on to have his own solo success in the country music genre.   Lindsay had some success with such songs as “Arizona” (1969, Billboard #10) which sold over one million copies, and was awarded a gold disc;[4] and “Silverbird” (Billboard #25) in 1970.


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