A few songs into this 1975 rock gem and I said over dinner “man, that sounds like Paul McCartney”. And it was. WINGS. Venus and Mars is the fourth rock album by Wings. It was a family affair as Linda did the photo artwork for the cover and double wide inside. And that my blog friends, was about the best part of this album. lol. Seems like I should keep it because it’s Beatles related but non. That’s not the point of this Project 365, for me. If we weren’t moved by it or won’t top listen to it again, it ‘s a rethrift.

I’m going to chime in here, perhaps in an unpopular way. Doesn’t it seem offensive to anyone under 70 yrs old (happy birthday last month Paul),  that Britain has no other musical talents for the Olympic Games than Paul? Does every artist in Britain live in his shadow til he croaks? Hey Jude for the 2012 games? Even at a wedding reception I think it’s offensive in this day an age with soo much talent out there. Meh and blah all at the same time. A Spice Girls reunion would have been more exciting and slightly less aged. Wasn’t the Olympics the perfect stage to show off your diverse culture? Way to “donate” your time and take 1.57 million in US dollars from the Brit tax payers. I digress back to 1975 ~ to an album we jumped on the needle to make stop.

wiki: Wings (also known as Paul McCartney & Wings) were a British-American rock group formed in 1971 by Paul McCartneyDenny Laine and Linda McCartney that remained active until 1981.  Wings had 12 top-10 singles (including one No. 1) in the United Kingdom and 14 top-10 singles (including six No. 1’s) in the United States. All 23 singles credited to Wings reached the US Top 40, and one double-sided single, “Junior’s Farm“/”Sally G“, reached the Top 40 with each side. Of the nine albums credited to Wings during the group’s life, all went top 10 in either the UK or the US, with five consecutive albums topping the US charts.  Wings were noted for frequent personnel changes as well as success, going through three different lead guitarists and four different drummers. However, the line-up consistently included a core trio of McCartney, his wife Linda, and ex-Moody Blues guitarist and singer Denny Laine; these three were responsible for writing virtually all of the band’s songs.

As The Beatles were breaking up in 1970, McCartney was working on his debut solo album, McCartney. Backing vocals were provided by his wife, Linda, whom he had married the previous year. McCartney had insisted from the beginning of their marriage that his wife should be involved in his musical projects, so that they did not have to be apart when he was on tour.  On his second solo album, Ram, McCartney added select outside musicians, including guitarists Hugh McCracken and David Spinozza and drummer Denny Seiwell. Seiwell had to perform in a secret audition for Paul and Linda before being chosen.

Wings Over The World Tour.. 

more recently regarding Paul… 

If you’re reading this and you really want this album before it goes to the thrift store.. comment here and we’ll see what we can do! Related articles


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