Gordon Lightfoot’s Don Quixote

It’s not  to be confused with Don Quijote ~the cheap dollar store in Hawaii. winks* to my Myers family. Or is it?  Welcome to 1972, as we move through another couple of Gord albums this week. This one is clean, early and deliciously folk. Today English speakers generally attempt something close to the modern Spanish pronunciation when saying Quixote (Quijote), as [dɒŋ kiːˈhoʊteɪ], although the traditional English spelling pronunciationpronouncing the name with the value of the letter x in modern English is still sometimes used, resulting in /ˈkwɪksət/ or /ˈkwɪksoʊt/. The traditional English rendering is preserved in the pronunciation of the adjectival form quixotic, i.e., /kwɪkˈsoʊtɨk/ or /kwɪkˈsɒtɪk/, the foolishly impractical pursuit of ideals, typically marked with rash and lofty romantic ideals. cool. 

Don Quixote is Canadian singer Gordon Lightfoot‘s 8th original album, released in 1972 on the Reprise Records Label. The album reached #42 on theBillboard album chart.   The album contains little innovation on Lightfoot’s trademark folk sound although it is notable as it contains Lightfoot’s second seafaring song (his first being “Marie Christine” from Back Here on Earth, a genre that Lightfoot would continually revisit over the next 10 years. It also contains a rare Lightfoot foray into the protest song genre, in the form of the longest track on the album, “The Patriot’s Dream,” a ballad describing the enthusiasm of soldiers on a troop train “riding off to glory in the spring of their years,” followed by the pathos of a woman receiving news that her husband’s aircraft had been shot down in combat. “Beautiful” was released as a single and peaked at #58 on the Billboard singles chart.

This is not from this album but is gorgous. Miguel. Lovely just lovely finger picking. 

This is interesting. A song written by Shel Silverstien, sung and produced by Gordon Lightfoot and covrered here by I don’t know who.lol 


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