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Classic Lightfoot is today’s gem. I spent the morning in bed with my sweety and coffee and youtubing Gord on my iphone. I favourited about fifty videos. lol. there’s over 300 of Gordon Lightfoot’s on there, so far. Speaking of so far – how does a guy have a Vol 2 of a “best of” series by the 70’s and still tour today? He’s a genius songwriter and singer and this album is proof. It’s not full of hits ~ rather it’s full of gems. The back of the album has the “for sale through the record club of Canada only”. All songs written by Gord. My favs from this album are Mountains and Marian and Home From the Forest. NOw it’s mamosa time and blogging by the woodstove. Isn’t it mid June? c’moon summer where are you?

This song was not on this album, but it’s Saturday today and he sings his hippie heart out in it.  

The Classic record  part 2 came out in 1971 following it’s original volume in 1970. That’s really all I found online or youtube about it. I love it, that’s what really counts. Here’s more Gord. There was a lot of publicity around Gord showing up in Toronto to support his 16 yr old, entitled,  kid this year,  at the Toronto OCCUPY movement. He was at the tent camp on the day they were all evicted. Articles I read stated she invited him, he came, the media loved him up and she cried in her tent and told him to leave. She’s the the rich, educated, dreaded, face painted kid ~Meredith (Gord’s middle name, we learned yesterday). The soundtrack is good but Gord missed the mark on the movement and what it was actually about. I’m sure his intentions were honourable and very pro-Canada. 

This is an alright recent video interview of him. The second half is best if you can’t watch all 15 minutes. 

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