Gordon Lightfoot I Love you.

I bauled my eyes out the entire concert, last November in Vancouver. My sweety gave me tickets for my birthday and I was a mess the entire concert. I think I posted about it on my other blog, search November 2011 or “gord”. 

We are on our journey, travelling through the mecca of Canadiana stellar song writing and singing, that is Sir Gordon Lightfoot. How do I not sound cheesy talking about him. Sit Down Young Stranger. Here’s some trivia from this album ~ did you know his middle name is Meredith? I didn’t: Gordon Meredith Lightfoot, Jr. CC OOnt (born November 17, 1938) is a Canadian singer-songwriter who achieved international success in folkfolk-rock, and country music, and has been credited for helping define the folk-pop sound of the 1960s and 1970s. He has been referred to as Canada‘s greatest songwriter and internationally as a folk-rock legend.

About the album wiki:     Sit Down Young Stranger is Canadian singer Gordon Lightfoot‘s sixth original album and also his best-selling original album. It was released in 1970 on the  Reprise Records Label. The album was renamed If You Could Read My Mind shortly after release due to the song of that title reaching number #5 on the  chart. The album itself reached #12 on the pop chart.    

Sit Down Young Stranger was Lightfoot’s first recording for his new label, Reprise Records. He had left United Artists because he believed they did not promote his albums well enough.    On this album, Lightfoot included more orchestration, which is particularly evident on “If You Could Read My Mind”. It was also the first studio album to feature long-time Lightfoot bassist Rick Haynes. The orchestration on “Minstrel of the Dawn” and “Approaching Lavender” was arranged by Randy Newman.  The album contained one of the first recorded version of Kris Kristofferson and Fred Foster‘s “Me and Bobby McGee” which had previously been a country hit for Roger Miller would later become a hit for Janis Joplin.   A small number of vinyl copies contain no title. This is because the cover was originally supposed to be just a picture of Lightfoot but it was then thought that stating the title would increase the album’s sales. The untitled copies did have a small sticker on the cellophane. It read “Sit Down Young Stranger.

This clears up some question marks I had. I have almost 2 copies of every Gord album. Either mailed to me, gifted, thrifted or my originals. I was keeping each to see why they were different. As my husband suspected, many are the same album released under different labels – both Canadian AND American. But also – some have differnt names for the same album. cool. This album is just so fabulous, having come out 3 years before I was born ~ His young voice is delicious. Me and Booby McGee is just outstanding, as is If You Could Read My mind and Minstrel but the song below is for the true Gord fan.  

A sampler for you today from 1970 “war is not the answer” “the answer is in the forest, carved upon a tree”: 

Here’s a lovely comment from this youtube video which gives me  Canadian goose bumps. I just want to play it over and over. Top 30 records of 2012, yes. 

In 1967, Gordon Lightfoot did a Centennial Year project.

He traveled the country and did shows, for free, in small towns that he wouldn’t ordinarily visit.

As a 13 year old, I saw him but didn’t realize I was watching a legend.

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