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REVEEN! I know right? Pretty stoked about this ~obvious before I even listen to it rethrift hypnotism record. lol. As soon as my husband saw it he bellowed out “the man they call Raveen!” with hand gestures and all. How does he know this? This mint condition album from …, I’m going to categorize as comedy and 

A lovely interview! He loved Atlantic Canada

This is awesome. Reveen saws his lovely wife Coral in half. 

Peter J. Reveen (born 1935 in Adelaide, Australia) is a stage hypnotist and illusionist who performs mainly in Canada, and particularly Atlantic Canada. Originally from Australia, he first came to North America in January 1961, landing in HonoluluHawaii. From there, he took an unpleasant boat ride to San Francisco, California and purchased a Greyhound Bus ticket to VancouverBritish Columbia. As both Canada and Australia are members of the British Commonwealth, Reveen was granted a six month visitor’s visa on 16 March 1961. Reveen began his career in the town of Chilliwack, BC, booking himself into local community halls and legions, calling himself Reveen, the Impossibilist. To promote his shows, Reveen offered complimentary tickets to all businesses willing to put a poster in their storefront window. In many towns, he also offered local radio stations a percentage of ticket sales in exchange for advertising.[1] In 1962, The Man They Call Reveen was given the opportunity to perform in a movie house and his career took off. He toured extensively through Canada and the United States for 35 years, eventually performing for over 6,000,000 people.In September 2007, Reveen came out of retirement with a mini-tour of Atlantic Canada called The Return of Reveen. Reveen is one of the founding members of the Magic Castle in Los AngelesCalifornia and in 1987 wrote the book The Superconscious World. In 2000, he won the DRAGON Award, an annual award given to magicians who excel in Drama, Romance, Artistry, Glamour, Originality and Necromancy. Reveen is currently married to Coral Reveen and has 4 sons (oldest to youngest): Wayne Reveen, Tyrone Reveen, Calvin Reveen, and Peter Reveen Jr. Peter Jr. is best known as the former guitar player in the now defunct American hard rock band Salty Dog.   Reveen is manager to Las Vegas Illusionist Lance Burton


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