G’day hosers. This Mint condition piece of classic Canadiana comedy was the soundtrack to us racking some cider, in our bathroom. Sounds Canadian, oui? These two hosers filled two sides of a record in 1981 with their drunken, uneducated, hockey, ice fishing and beer banter. The Great White North. It’s embarrassingly endearing & reminiscent of my early years, growing up in London, Ontario. When SCTV was good TV.


At least one million copies of the album were sold within North America, 350,000 of these within Canada alone which earned a triple-platinum certification from the Canadian Recording Industry Association.   The Great White North entered the RPM Canadian album charts at #3 on 12 December 1981 and rose to the #1 position the following week where it remained until 23 January 1982. Overall, RPMranked the album #40 of albums released in Canada during 1981. The Great White North peaked at number 8 on the American Billboard 200 album chart in 1982. The song “Take Off” (actually identified on the album as “the hit single section”), featured guest vocalist Geddy Lee of Rush. It was indeed a hit, peaking at number 16 on the Billboard 100 singles chart in March 1982. (Ironically, “Take Off” was a bigger hit single than anything Lee ever recorded with Rush.)

Here’s an excerpt of Bob & Doug and an extra awesome SCTV commercial video!:

This one is special for me ~ as the last time I bottled wine at the U-brew… there was a dead mouse in one of my previously-cleaned bottles. i screamed my face off in public. i returned there a couple weeks ago to bottle my champagne and everyone knew me by name. funny that.

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