I made a huge decision the other day. Well, not THAT huge.. but I’m not going to include any of my JC Sunday albums in the TOP 30 albums of 2012. It would fill half  of it up. Needless to say ~ today’s album is one of the THE best albums EVER. And I am sure you will agree. Or you best click “unfollow” to this blog. Maybe I should come up with a TOP list for just the JC albums at the end of the project?

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an aside: by the way blog friends.. I was so tickled to see that almost a hundred people are following both of my blogs. What a treat to think someone else is out there witnessing my crazy creativeness and quest for record greatness. Thank-you all for following me, I do appreciate it. I’d love more feedback and comments, always a pleasure ~Firey. 

Johnny Cash and The Tennessee Two ORIGINAL GOLDEN HITS – VOLUME 1.  It came to me as a surprise…  literally. It was wedged in another country thriftstore album. No cover or jacket. Just the complete goodness you expect from the man in black on a Sunny Sunday morning. This album doesn’t get filed after listening. No ~ it’s a regular in the red table top filing record system.lol. enjoy! With almost 6.5 million views.. 

from wiki: The Tennessee Three was the backing band for country music and rockabilly singer Johnny Cash for nearly 25 years, until Cash’s reorganizing of the group and naming it The Great Eighties Eight in 1980.  By 1955, Cash and his bandmates were in the Memphis studio of Sun Records, to audition for owner Sam Phillips. Kernodle was so nervous that he left the session, not wanting to hold back the group. The band presesented themselves as the “Tennessee Three”, but Phillips suggested that they call themselves Johnny Cash and the Tennessee Two.   In 1960, drummer W.S. Holland joined the group, which was then renamed The Tennessee Three. Holland has been credited as one of the first country drummers. In the early 1950s, he had collaborated with Cash on recordings, as well as having played with Carl Perkins (no relation to Luther Perkins) and the “Perkins Brothers Band”.

Luther Perkins died from injuries sustained in a house fire in August, 1968, after reportedly having fallen asleep with a lit cigarette. Bob Wootton filled in as the group’s guitarist at a performance the following month, and continued Perkins’ unique “boom-chicka-boom” sound as a full member of the Tennessee Three in time for the landmark February 1969 performance at San Quentin State Prison when Cash’s live album was recorded.   In 1971, the group recorded an instrumental album dedicated to Perkins: The Tennessee Three: The Sound Behind Johnny Cash.   Marshall Grant was fired by Cash in 1980, and Cash chose to discontinue using the name, “The Tennessee Three”, ostensibly for legal reasons (Grant had filed a lawsuit against Cash, which was settled out-of-court years later). The band was called The Great Eighties Eight after Grant left. Since that time, others joined the group, with Wootton and Holland remaining off-and-on as the group’s anchors.  In September 1989, Cash hired Kerry Marx and Steve Logan as guitarist and bassist, respectively, and renamed the group The Johnny Cash Show Band.

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