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This chachi dude really lived up to his album cover. A possible Christian rock album that only got 3 songs on the hi fi today, folks. Solid 1974 rethrift.  “He wants to be classic rock but is really not classy” husband review. The back fo the album boasts Don Henley and Glenn Frey on most of the tracks. Let’s look this guy up. JOE WALSH. SO WHAT. The cover art is exciting, tho, non? I appreciate that the name of the previous owner Lisa Springe is written on it along side the capitol letter HAIDA (in permanent letters). cool, heh?  

My sweety guessed it correctly.. he was in the band THE EAGLES! My response? “We’re till not keeping it”.

From WIKI: In December 1974, Walsh released an official solo album, So What and in March 1976, a live set, You Can’t Argue with a Sick Mind. These would be his last solo albums until 1978. On December 20, 1975 he joined the Eagles as Bernie Leadon‘s replacement. His addition steered the band toward a harder-edged sound and away from their early country-style work, and he was featured prominently on their multi-million-selling album Hotel California, co-writing the Top 20 hit “Life in the Fast Lane” (with Don Henley and Glenn Frey) and “Pretty Maids All in a Row” (co-written with former Barnstorm drummer Joe Vitale).

omg. Check out this video. It’s a Joe Walsh song soundtracking his country fair experience. Here’s the lyrics. Really heavy stuff man. Found an old puzzle somebody had quit Tried a few pieces and hoped that they fit But they’re going together so slowly It may take me forever to know If it’s only a puzzle Parts of the puzzle will never be found And even though pieces are gone It’s a county fair picture Part of me’s there Some of the pieces are still at the fair And it may be forever 

And wouldn’t you know it? He just went back on tour and after 20 years has a new solo album out June enjoy analog man. 

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