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STEPHEN STILLS Manassas. Folk guitar mastery. This was a surprise score from the thrift store. It’s got that homey hollow beat and even some cowboy. 

Manassas is the 1972 debut double album from Stephen Stills‘ band of the same name.   “It Doesn’t Matter” was released as a single and peaked at #61. Bill Wyman of the Rolling Stones plays bass on and co-authored “The Love Gangster” and is reported to have said that he would have left the Stones to join Manassas.  Manassas would mark somewhat of a critical comeback for Stills with Allmusic going so far as to call it a “sprawling masterpiece”. Even Rolling Stone in a joint review with the Graham Nash/David Crosby album, said “[i]t’s reassuring to know that Stills has some good music still inside him”. The album debuted on the Billboard Top LP’s chart for the week ending April 29, 1972 and eventually peaked at #4 in June. Interestingly, Stills’ album shared the Top 10 with an album by David Crosby and Graham Nash (Graham Nash/David Crosby) and an album by Neil Young (Harvest), all collectively members of the quartet Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young.

January 26, 2012

Everyone’s favorite ‘Rock Professor’ Jack Black and the legendary rocker Stephen Stills are to perform a new and original song, “Sensitive,” on TV’s Everyday Health this week. The song, written by Wyatt Isaacs, is about his experience living with Autism.

The syndicated television series, Everyday Health, profiles The Miracle Project in an episode on January 28 which unites families living with Autism alongside legendary musician Stephen Stills and actor/comedian Jack Black—with a common goal of raising funds and awareness for Autism.

The subject of the HBO double Emmy Award-winning documentary Autism: The Musical, The Miracle Project is an organization which brings Autistic children together to help them uncover their potential through music, dance, acting, storytelling and writing.

In this episode of Everyday Health, show co-hosts Ethan Zohn and Jenna Morasca surprise Wyatt Isaacs and his mother, Diane Isaacs. They’re organizing a fundraiser in Los Angeles to bring awareness to autism and they need some help promoting it. Ethan and Jenna connect Wyatt to Radio Disney for a national radio interview promoting their fundraising concert—and the day turns into a musical success.

WHERE: ABC stations across the country; Check local listings or visit

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