Some people may feel threatened by a polka album but not this girl. I love it. Give me MORE! Switching gears from epic soundtracks let’s get our dance on, folks. This album sounds exactly how it looks. Ten shades of brown and yellow awesome. Oh Sveen, you dog. Seriously, who names their kid Olaf  Sveen and doesn’t have a great sense of adventure or humour? Accordian music takes me back to that special umpa style that was the soundtrack to the platzel where I resided for 4 years in Kimberley, BC. I loved it. There was an annual world’s largest accordian festival, every summer. The ski village designed of alpine chalets was littered with men with argyle knee high socks and moxy! I don’t say many positive things about that snowy place & time but i always enjoyed the umpa umpa! Olaf Sveen Dane Party is polka dance music and in the TOP 20 album cover art category (tho may get pushed out at the end, who knows)!

from wiki: Kimberley is a small city in southeast British ColumbiaCanada along Highway 95A between the Purcell and Rocky Mountains. Kimberley was named in 1896 after the Kimberley mine in South Africa. From 1917 to 2001, it was the home to the world’s largest lead-zinc mine, the Sullivan Mine. Now it is mainly a tourist destination and home to the Kimberley Alpine Resort, a ski area and the Kimberley Underground Mining Railway that features a 750-foot-long (230 m) underground mining interpretive centre. Recreational pursuits include world-class skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, fishing, whitewater rafting, kayaking, biking, hiking and golfing on championship golf courses. The city has the largest urban park in British Columbia.[citation needed] At 1977 acres (800 ha), the Kimberley Nature Park is the largest incorporated park in Canada and the paved, non-motorized Rail-Trail linking the cities of Kimberley and Cranbrook make Kimberley a unique four-season resort. Kimberley is also home to a thriving Arts and Cultural scene.

(the last line is totally an untruth unless you have a fine appreciation for cowboys & oil painted mountain scenery on chainsaw blades). There was nothing on wiki or youtube about Olaf so here’s a Scandinavian dance party! 

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Fireygoddess is an Island Princess / mermaid ~ living on Vancouver Island in Beautiful British Columbia Canada. She loves cropping photos, her main squeeze / the scuba dude, throwing laundry down the stairs, upcycling, shiny things, sparkles, fluevog shoes and making art from found objects at the beach.

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