When I listen to them I am transported back to Lakehead University and house parties in Thunder bay with all the wanna be hippies (including me) dancing and tripping out to the Grateful Dead and these guys. Their funky, bluesy sometimes country rock sometimes folk is wonderful. 

Brothers and Sisters is the fifth album by The Allman Brothers Band, released in 1973 (the year I was brought into this world).    The group’s first album recorded completely after the death of leader Duane Allman, and mostly after the death of bassist Berry OakleyBrothers and Sisters saw the Allmans reach a commercial peak.   The front album cover features a photograph of Vaylor Trucks, the son of drummer Butch Trucks and his wife Linda. The back cover features a photograph of Brittany Oakley, the daughter of bassist Berry Oakley and his wife Linda.    The album’s inner gatefold cover art featured a large photograph of the extended Allmans family — band members, roadies, wives, girlfriends, children, dogs, all in a seemingly idyllic, long-haired, multi-racial Southern setting — a setting that would be rent asunder by internal frictions and outside developments over the next few years. 

While the band has been called the principal architects of Southern rock, they also incorporate elements of bluesjazz, and country music, and their live shows have jam band-style improvisation and instrumental songs. 

Here they are live in 1970.

What a treat this Album is. Side one

  1. “Wasted Words” (Gregg Allman) – 4:20
  2. Ramblin’ Man” (Richard Betts) – 4:48
  3. “Come and Go Blues” (Gregg Allman) – 4:54
  4. “Jelly Jelly” (Trade Martin) – 5:46

Side two

  1. “Southbound” (Richard Betts) – 5:11
  2. Jessica” (Richard Betts) – 7:31
  3. “Pony Boy” (Richard Betts) – 5:54
And here they are WITH the Grateful Dead. It’s a montage but it’s Delicious. From the soundtrack to one of my fav movies EASY RIDER ~the Weight! Oh Peter Fonda. I digress. 

You can buy BROTHERS & SISTERS the album here click here for Amazon

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