The Al Baculis Singers  ~ a Montreal born native has not been a household name but was in fact responsible for the EXPO 67 theme. It is sung in both english and french on this album. The 1967 International and Universal Exposition or Expo 67, as it was commonly known, was the general exhibition, Category One World’s Fair held in MontrealQuebecCanada, from April 27 to October 29, 1967. It is considered to be the most successful World’s Fair of the 20th century, with the most attendees (50 million visits) to that date and 62 nations participating. It also set the single-day attendance record for a world’s fair, with 569,000 visitors on its third day. 

The official Expo 67 theme song was composed by Stephane Venne and was titled: “Hey Friend, Say Friend/Un Jour, Un Jour”. Complaints were made about the suitability of the song, as its lyrics mentioned neither Montreal nor Expo 67. The song was selected from an international competition. Over 2,200 entries from 35 countries were made.

Al has been on the Canadian jazz poll, a conductor, composer and arranger. The album released in 1967, was a reject from the Comox Community Radio station that played a high Canadian content.  What is Canadian Content? For music, the requirements are referred to as the MAPL system. Following an extensive public hearing process organised by the CRTC, the MAPL system, created by Stan Klees (co-creator of the Juno Award), was adopted in 1971 to define and identify Canadian content in pieces of music for the purposes of increasing exposure of Canadian music on Canadian radio through content regulations governing a percentage (25%) of airplay to be devoted to Canadian music.  The percentage was increased to 30% in the 1980s, and to 35% effective January 3, 1999. However, most new commercial radio stations licensed since 1999 have been licensed at 40%.


About fireygoddess

Fireygoddess is an Island Princess / mermaid ~ living on Vancouver Island in Beautiful British Columbia Canada. She loves cropping photos, her main squeeze / the scuba dude, throwing laundry down the stairs, upcycling, shiny things, sparkles, fluevog shoes and making art from found objects at the beach.

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  1. John T. says:

    Hi there… I preparing a radio show celebrating the 45th anniversary of Expo 67 (my show: Thrifting for Tunes on, airing on April 29. I’ll be playing about a dozen different versions of Hey Friend, Say Friend/Un Jour, Un Jour… and I’d like more! Any chance I could get mp3s of the versions on this Al Baculis record?

    • fireygoddess says:

      Hi John, your show sounds awesome. I’ll be sure to check it out.
      Sorry to say, I chose to stay fully low fi with my vinyl 365 project and didn’t chose the USB/ mp3 turntables. So I only have my record album in hard copy, sorry.
      Thanks for following my blog & I appreciate the comment!

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