HAPPY (Johnny Cash) SUNDAY BLOG music lover FRIENDS! Today we bring you a special Jesus tribute record day. 9 Records, all headed to one lucky thrift store. Over omelettes, we gave each one a listen, I swear.

(And again let me disclaim~ no Christians were hurt in the making of todays post. My intent is never to offend just to share and express my viewpoint).  Here’s a slideshow of the nine cover albums. Two of them I love – Friends and also the art deco punk christian rock album. 

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FRIEND TO FRIEND ~ this album cover is in my TOP 20 album cover art category. So sweet. I couldn’t find a thing on this band but it looks like they are four Christian folk bands from Manitoba, Canada in 1979. This double album was filled with JC sunshine faith and bellbottom jeans. Rethrift. 

RANDY STONEHILL ~rocked five kinds of funky jeans on his album cover and terrifically big hair on this really cheesey drawn out folk Christian worship. Positives? The album was teal coloured, I liked his finger picking and it had the word “ZOWIE!” on the back. It was produced in Hollywood in 1976. 

UNDERCOVER ~GOD RULES. Now this was my fav of the day!! Excellent art deco cover. Punk God band, c’mooon!! Produced in Vancouver, Canada, distributed in Waco Texas in 1983. Almost worth keeping but… rethirft.  

PETRA ~serious Christian rock double album. CAPTURED IN TIME & SPACE. Zowie. Rethrift after one song. Uckk. Also distributed in Waco Texas in 1986. 

CONNIE SCOTT ~hold on~ Another 1987 produced in Vancouver, Canada record. I enjoyed her whimscial holding onto a vintage telephone booth as the ocean crashed at her feet, album art work. She is not dressed for that adventure. Rethrift after 2 songs. wow. It’s got that addictive driving 80’s beat that you just can’t ignore. Have a listen and try not to pump your fists & knod madly. Very Tiffany-like, non? (I think we’re alone now..) There were tons of songs of hers on youtube, if she’s your kinda Christian pop-rock. 

SCANDALON ~ Michael Card. Also produced in Vancouver, Canada in the 80s, I think. Just awful. Basically a guy singing the scriptures. Check this out. . rethrift, oh god, when can we get back to Johnny cash Sundays soon?

KEITH GREEN- I ONLY WANT TO SEE YOU THERE. Horrible, rethrift. Dreamy eyes but not much else going for him. I’m catching on that all these albums released in Vancouver, Canada are under the SPARROW label. 

JOHN MITCHELL TALBOT & TERRY TALBOT ~with the London Chamber Orchestra. Honestly, I didn’t even listen to this one. We saw a patch of no rain and went to the beach instead. lol. Produced under SPARROW records in.. Vancouver, Canada in 1980. 

TOMMY JAMES ~CHRISTIAN OF THE WORLD. Now this one we did listen to and it was the gem of all gems. Cover art, fantastic. This double album brings a whole new meaning to the world EPIC. Did you see the beer goggle, shirtless photo of James? His hair is almost as big as my husbands! winks*  Produced in Willowdale Ontario, Canada. There is no year quoted anywhere, this must be the real thing maybe 1971? 130 thousand Christians can’t be wrong ~this guy brings funk to the Sunday service. (huge youtube following)  Sail on a happy ship. Take a trip.. livin it free and easy~ turn it around. When you’re feeling bad now.. he’s the best friend you’ve had man. He’ll be there when you’re around. 

AMEN blog friends. AMEN.


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Fireygoddess is an Island Princess / mermaid ~ living on Vancouver Island in Beautiful British Columbia Canada. She loves cropping photos, her main squeeze / the scuba dude, throwing laundry down the stairs, upcycling, shiny things, sparkles, fluevog shoes and making art from found objects at the beach.

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