What places a record in my Top 30 records of 2012? When you listen to a song not once but twice in a row with the volume cranked!! Who is a more powerful diva than Miss Tina Turner? No one. Not even Whitney ~ rip great one.

Wow. I was screaming the lyrics to the popular 1984 ~ what’s love got to do with it! My husband’s first live concert was Tina. He shares: “It was in Edmonton with my parents. I  can’t remember who opened because I  was in the first aid tent for the opening act (which turned out to be gas which was a bit embarassing for a teenager). She was awesome even then, doing that crazy feet up and down ~ fast dance. crazy. I enjoyed my time. She was really pretty with giant hair. Like giant hair ~the envy of the rest of the womyn in the 80’s, giant. It was the Private Dancer Tour. Everyone in the coliseum was on their feet”. 

Side B ~Tina is making it on her own like a rock n roll widow. Epic. I waved my fists for widows everywhere, throughout!  In conjunction with her multi-platinum selling album Private Dancer, the 1985 tour helped to establish Turner as a major solo artist and live performer and is often considered one of the best comebacks in music history. 

This website has a load of connection to web places about TINA click here for Tina fan club info

You’re welcome! enjoy ~

What better lover than Tina Tuner?  KISS KISS LOVERS

What's Love Got to Do with It (album)

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