Snow white 1937 trailer screenshot (8)

It’s the weekend & after 2 weeks of each of us getting sick, water pipes freezing (due to snow in the rainforest), then 3 days of having no power… We are fleeing to the big city for our FIRST WEDDING ANNIVERSARY!! I’m Wishing for the one I love.. To find me… Today.
This post is being typed at 10pm on the Queen of Coquitlam BC ferry from Nanaimo to Vancouver. For those living outside Canada & are interested in our amazing ocean vessels, check out for 20120127-214448.jpg

The story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is not only foundational Disney but the second movie I ever saw in a theatre! I remember being breath taken when she talked. I’m Wishing remains one of my mom’s all-time favourite songs.

I had this on vinyl as a kid but I recall it being a 45 size, with a book. The record chimed “ting” when it was time to turn the page, which was always a treat to hear. This album was found in another lp jacket (to be revealed next week). Score! The narrator has the most soothing voice. What are your memories of snow white!? “chime”… Youtube videos are hard to find for Snow White that allow embedding so.. 


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