The Ray Charles Singers. One word = HORRIBLE. They basically butchered some top hits from the 40s-60s, song after song.   After watching my husband do the slow motion sway back & forth for three songs, I realized it wasn’t my flu making me feel ill. It was a double record which didn’t get the pleasure of us even hearing Side B. Best part? It’s one of a few Ray Charles Singers albums to come. The photos show the yellow taped Comox Community Radio stylings, complete with taped cue card on the front and commentators notes.  I categorized it as FOLK for a lack of other ideas.

We wondered, is this  THE Ray Charles? Surely they couldn’t be talking about the amazing blues singer? His face isn’t on any of the albums, there’s no mention of him just this giant choir that kills old tunes.  Here’s some research I just found:

TWO TOTALLY DIFFERENT MEN. phew. Stolen from WIKI: In May 1944, Chuck Offenberg changed his name to Ray Charles. It would be 10 more years until the “other” Ray Charles changed his name from “Ray Charles Robinson” to Ray Charles.    Ray Charles (born Charles Raymond Offenberg, September 13, 1918, ChicagoIllinoisUnited States) is an American musiciansingersongwriter, vocal arranger and conductor who is best- known as organizer and leader of The Ray Charles Singers. The Ray Charles Singers were featured on Perry Como‘s records, radio shows and television shows for 35 years. The Ray Charles Singers are also known for a series of 30 choral record albums produced in the 1950s and 1960s.

OKAY THIS IS AWESOME...As a vocalist, Charles, along with Julia Rinker Miller, is known for singing the theme song to the television series Three’s Company (“Come and Knock on Our Door”).  Sorry, Ray, I love Threes Company but your album goes in the RETHRIFT box. What are your thoughts on this cover art? It has nothing to do with the choir or the music!


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Fireygoddess is an Island Princess / mermaid ~ living on Vancouver Island in Beautiful British Columbia Canada. She loves cropping photos, her main squeeze / the scuba dude, throwing laundry down the stairs, upcycling, shiny things, sparkles, fluevog shoes and making art from found objects at the beach.

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  1. spurandprod says:

    At least the cover art is groovy.

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